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Everyone is welcome at Tauranga intermediate



Uzabus run our urban Schoolhopper service. Fares are $1.60 per trip using a Smartride card and $2.00 for cash.

Smartride cards can be protected by registering the individual number on the card. If the card goes missing, by quoting this pre-registered number, the funds can be transferred to a new card and a red flag can be put on the missing card. Clear naming of the card in a permanent fashion would also greatly assist.Currently you can purchase Smartride cards from the bus driver or i-Site Information Centre, 95 Willow Street.

You can see these routes at www.baybus.co.nz./schoolhopper/routes/


Rural routes will be run by Uzabus. All eligible rural students will continue much as in the past. School bus passes will be required and no fees/fees will apply. Ineligibles will be able to use this service, subject to capacity, for $300 p.a. 


You can see these routes at www.schooltransport.org.nz.

What should I as a student or parent do?

Determine whether you are an urban or rural user. Use the appropriate website to confirm route details. www.baybus.co.nz urban  www.schooltransport.org.nz rural.


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