Special Education

The Special Education Needs Department is located in the Wellness Centre. We have a number of facilities to provide for the special needs of students.

A Special Needs Management Committee oversees this area. On this committee are the SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator), School Counsellor, Achievement ClassTeacher, two Youth Mentors, the Principal of the Kaka Street Special School and the Senior Deputy Principal of Tauranga Intermediate.

Facilities are provided for students with special academic, social and physical needs.

  • A full time counsellor provides support for students, teachers and parentsof students with social, emotional and academic needs.
  • The Adolescent Health Nurse provides counselling and medical support for students.
  • The Achievement Class and Kaka Street Satellite Class provide academic programmes for students with high learning needs.
  • Our Youth Mentors support students who may have difficulty engaging in learning.
  • All students with special needs are mainstreamed, except for the Kaka Street Satellite pupils.



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